Since 1988, Resort Maintenance, Inc. has been serving residential customers in the East Cooper area.  You can feel confident when you call Resort Maintenance, knowing that our trained technicians will treat you, your family and your home with the respect and attention needed to give you the electrical safety you deserve.

Don’t let improper wiring cause of fire in your home! Our technicians will diagnose your problems and recommend proper repairs to ensure your and your family’s safety. We can upgrade your electrical system in your home to meet the expanding electrical needs with the continually changing world of electronics and appliances.
Whether it’s hanging a new ceiling fan, replacing an electrical outlet, running new wiring, installing a new light fixture, servicing your electrical panel, verifying the need of GFCI protection at wet locations, or any other electrical need, you can count on us to provide the proper diagnosis and recommendations for your situation.
Don’t trust just anyone to diagnose and repair your electrical problem.  There are different types of wiring required in different applications; we have seen situations where improper wiring and equipment have been installed, resulting in extreme fire hazards.  We have trained and experienced technicians to take care of all of your electrical needs.
Let us display our confidence and ability to properly diagnose and complete any repairs needed in your home.  Call Resort Maintenance for all your electrical needs, and let us ensure both your safety and your peace of mind.
(843) 881-1044

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